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Pop singer and "Nickelodeon" star Ariana Grande is addressing the ongoing rumors about her weight.  Ariana, whose single "The Way," featuring Mac Miller is currently at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, has posted a long letter on her personal Tumblr page. 

The 19-year-old acknowledged the noticeable drop in her weight since first rising to fame on Nick's "Victorious," saying that it was simply the result of a healthy change in her diet and exercise.  She writes that she "used to live on junk food," but has changed her eating habits in recent years.  

She also took the opportunity to take on some reports about her religion, after she was spotted wearing a red string around her wrist as is done in Kabbalah.  Ariana says that she used to practice Kabbalah when she was young and "decided to pick it back up a couple months ago."  She adds that she didn't want to speak about it publicly because she felt it wasn't her place "as an entertainer." 

She ended the letter by thanking fans and saying that she only spoke out because she felt the rumors were getting "too out of control." 

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