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Jay Z is making waves on his Magna Carta World Tour.  The tour kicked off earlier this month in England and over the weekend he played back-to-back shows at London's O2 Arena. 

According to the British newspaper "The Guardian," the rapper and his entourage were spotted taking the London subway system to their Saturday night concert.  Jay was reportedly joined by producer Timbaland as well as Chris Martin from Coldplay. 

A video posted on the "Guardian's" website shows the rapper and his bodyguards being swarmed by camera phone-wielding fans as they walk through London's North Greenwich tube station.  

This isn't the first time Jay Z taken mass transit to a concert venue.  Prior to the end of his eight night concert series at Brooklyn's Barclays Center last year, Jay hopped on the New York City subway system on the way to his show. 

Guess he really likes public transportation! 

The O2 Arena tweeted a photo of the whole crew on the train: