Flying with strangers can get stressful at times – The Huffington Post put together a list of the worst people to be stuck on a plane with …

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The Strong Smelling Person – Whether it's perfume or body odor, there's nothing more offensive to the nose than being stuck next to this person for an entire flight with a strong odor.

The Seat All The Way Back Person – If you have choose to put your seat all the way back when the flight is crammed and there's someone behind you, you have a sense of entitlement the size of the Grand Canyon.

The Loud Person – This isn't happy hour at a bar. It's a commuter plane where everyone is tired and cranky and just trying to get to where they're going. They're experience won't be enhanced in any way by your drunken cackling. (Huff Post)



We added …

The Person Who Won’t Stop Talking – You sit down next to a chatty stranger who talks your ear off for the entire flight!


The Parent Who Can’t Control Their Child – Kids get a pass on a plane, but parents should be aware if they are kicking the person's seat in front of them!