It's Memorial Day weekend and burgers will be on many grills! Check out the eight things you should NOT do if you want to grill the perfect burger according to the Huffington Post.

1. Do not buy cheap, lean or frozen burgers. A burger needs fat.

2. Don't add things to the meat like onions or parsley or Worcestershire sauce.

3. Do not make perfectly round patties without putting a divot in the middle with your finger. This will keep it from ballooning up.

4. Don't be afraid of the heat. Turn it up real hot and place your burgers down.

5. Do not smash your burgers with the spatula as it's cooking. You'll lose all the juices. 

6. Don't cut it open to see if it's done. Again, you'll lose the juices.

7. Don't be in a rush to eat your burger. Let it sit for a little while so that the juices can be evenly distributed.

8. Don't forget to add toppings. Lots of toppings.