FDA warning: Tattoo Inks


The FDA is warning that not all tattoo inks are safe.  Last month the “White and Blue Lion Inc.” recalled inks in their “in-home tattoo kits.” This was due to a bacterial contamination in unopened bottles.

First:  There are in home tattoo kits? Oh… that seems like a good idea.  NOT!


Secondly: Infections from tattoos is nothing new. Do your research.  These infections usually coming from contaminated needles, equipment, or environments. Ask questions! And if you don’t feel comfortable with their cleaning methods, leave.


But back to the ink. The FDA warns that the contaminated inks may already be in tattoo parlors from a different distributor.


If you have recently had new ink work done be on the look out for changes in the skin around the tattoo. If you notice anything contact your Dr.

Better safe than sorry.

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