... Drive-In Movie Day!  On this day in 1933, eager motorists park their automobiles on the grounds of Park-In Theaters, the first-ever drive-in movie theater, located on Crescent Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey.  Find the closest drive-in tonight, go old-school and celebrate!  Here’s the local list:

-Leicester Triple Drive-In, Leicester, MA

-Mendon Drive-In, Mendon, MA

-Wellfleet Drive-In, Wellfleet, MA (Cape Cod)

-Rustic Drive-In, North Smithfield R.I.

-Mansfield Drive-In, Mansfield, CT

-Pleasant Valley Drive-In,  Riverton, CT

-Southington Drive-In, Southington, CT

-Milford Drive-In, Milford, NH

-Northfield Drive-In, Winchester, NH


Took the Jeep to Pleasant Valley last summer! (got there kinda early) -K

photo: K. Johnson