It isn't easy for an older cat to lose his home; it's especially difficult to lose two in a week and now he's lost his third home after 3 months. None of the losses were Curt's fault. It was because of the owners' lifestyles and poor health. Curt is a gentle giant who enjoys being held. Initially, he will hide in his new home. Curt needs a patient person who will interact with him in his hiding spot until he finally relaxes and comes out to join the household. It would help Curt to start off in one room, so you'll know where his hiding spot is. In his last home, his 90-year-old owner called him Mickey. The two were buddies: sleeping, watching TV and eating together. When the woman covered her lap with an afghan, Curt would gently play with the dangling tassles. Curt qualifies for our Senior for Senior Program and is most comfortable living with a senior. The Senior for Senior Program allows people 65 and over to adopt for free a dog or cat that is 7 years old or older.