Ms Pumphrey, teacher at Forrest Grove Middle School in Worcester, was honored by WSRS as the January 2014 Teacher of the Month.

Winning Letter:

I am a mother of three children, one attending high school and two attending middle school. You can tell that by now, I have met many teachers over the years. I was also a teacher myself. I do not know Ms Pumphery personally, but from what my son tells me, she is what the word teacher stands for. 

While she is going through some very difficult times in her life she is able to inspire the kids and be a mentor for them. She calls them her children. 

My son, who does not like reading, is doing very well in her literary class. She not only works really hard in the class level, but she truly and genuinely cares for her students. Please select Ms Pumphrey for the Teacher of the Month, she 100% deserves it.