Mr Peer, band teacher at Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School in Worcester, was honored by WSRS as the June 2014 Teacher of the Month.

winning letter:

To me, this teacher is special because he is always willing to help you. Mr. Peer is my band teacher and he's been teaching me since 5th grade or around the fall of 2012. I've improved a lot after starting and it\'s all thanks to him. Out all my teachers at Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School, I chose him because even if we talk too much in class or play our instruments when we aren't supposed to, he still has fun with us and gives us all the help we need. Not only is Mr. Peer supportive but also funny. He makes plenty of jokes in class and even though we usually don\'t get them, we still laugh. One of the things he made up was \"Put on you hats\", \"Plug it\", \"Friend's in reverse\", \"Uni-flute\", and \"Drop it\". We do this as a joke when we play though we\'re not supposed to. Unlike other teachers, Mr. Peer  really cares about what you do and he'll help you do it. He respects what you do and tolerates most bad behavior if it doesn't disrupt the class. Personally, I nominate Mr. Peer because he doesn't act like a teacher that teaches a regular class. He makes jokes, at times noises. One of his most occurring joke is when we play a song and he says it sounded like a pony or a penguin falling down the stairs onto a cat or something. He always tries his best to help to you, exactly what every great teacher tries to do. He won\'t give up on you when you\'re having a hard time with your work (music). I really like teachers who have a sense of humor, are not strict, and are really helpful and supportive. My band teacher has all of these qualities and though I've only had him for a year, he's still amazing and special to me; and for that I nominate my spectacular band teacher Mr. Peer.