Here's some fun ideas to keep the kids busy and happy until school starts again.

1. Build a Snow Family: 

Lets face it, theres a lot of snow and its not going anywhere soon, might as well take advantage of the weather and build a snow representative for each family member! 

2. Build a Couch Fort: 

Prepare to have your living room rearranged and break out the construction materials; sheets, blankets, pillows, cusions, and chairs are all fair game! 

3. Hot Chocolate Bar: 

Head to the nearest Big Y, leave the kids in Little Y, and grab the essentials; Hot cocoa mix, peppermint sticks, whipped cream, and obviously dont forget the marshmallows! 

4. Color the Snow
A simple solution of food coloring and water can make your backyard a canvas for the kids. But as always, watch out for the yellow snow!