That blah, restless feeling. That is Languishing. And its SO REAL.

14 Months of non stop stress, uncertainty, exhaustion, anxiety... this whole experience, has definitely left it's mark on all of us. And for many it's the feeling of "meh."

Not super depressed, not a constant anxiety attack, not panicking... but not 100 ourselves.

Look up the work "Languishing."

Symptoms of languishing include burnout, no motivation, and numbness

Everyday, at least once... I just have to lay down on the floor. I'm just so unmotivating to stand or sit, I just lay down. Usually for 5 or minutes... sometimes I play a game on my phone. I just need a break.

And that is totally normal. In fact, taking breaks can help with this feeling of numbness that comes with living in this pandemic world.

I spent a huge part of 2020 in therapy (multiple reasons) and a big take away was listening to my body. When you need that rest, take it.

Another big take away... you create your narrative. If you are being negative towards yourself, you will not have a good day.

If you can switch your words to something more positive, you will have a better day.

Here is a great article from VERY WELL MIND that will help you figure out if you are in this "languishing" state of mind. There are also some nuggets to help you get out of it.


Remember, you are NOT alone.


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