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Why that wine pour is getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller :(

Everything is more expensive these days.. I get it. Sadly, that includes wine.

But rather than charging more, some restaurants are just giving you less.

Now, let me say my normal spots are still giving the good pours (6 or 9oz)... but this has happened to me a few times in that last couple of years.

You order a glass of wine, only to get a 4 oz aka "baby pour." The waiter drops it off and flees!

It's simple math. A regular bottle of wine has 25.4 ounces. That should give you 4 healthy 6 oz pours. But reduce it to 5 oz, you'll get 5. Shrink it to 4, you'll get 6 glasses. You see what is happening here.

So, if you come across this Vino shrinkage...don't be afraid to speak up. If they scoff. Find a new place to spend your money and sip your wine.

We have enough to worthy about in this crazy world. We shouldn't have to deal with this too.

xo~ Jana

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