Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

With all the freezing weather and low humidity, your skin really needs more TLC during the winter. But instead of just using heavy moisturizers and creams, here are some dermatologist-recommended hacks to help you handle your dry winter skin.

Seal cracked heels and fingertips with Krazy Glue - If you get cracking and tiny fissures on your hands and feet during winter, dermatologist Mona Gohara advises using a non toxic super glue to seal them closed. Just use one or two drops, then hold the crack closed for 30 seconds to a minute until the sides stick. And she says when the glue softens, you can peel it away and the crack will be healed.

Exfoliate a dry scalp with a teaspoon of sugar - Add it to your shampoo to exfoliate dead skin away and help conditioner reach your scalp, suggests dermatologist Francesca Fusco.

Set a timer for the tub - As tempting as it is to take a marathon soak in a hot bath, you’ll just end up breaking down the surface lipids that keep your skin moisturized. You’re better off setting a timer for 10 minutes, that way you can enjoy the water without drying out your skin.

Put oatmeal in your bath - When you do take that soak, adding oatmeal is a bonus. Put a half cup of dried rolled oats in cheesecloth and drop it in, dermatologist Emmy Graber advises. She says the oats will act as an anti-inflammatory, soothing dry and ruddy skin. And if you don’t have cheesecloth, just use some old tights or a sock instead.

Make your own lotion applicator - If you need some help moisturizing those hard to reach places, you can use a piece of double-sided foam tape to attach a makeup sponge to a wooden spoon to help you reach your back and other dry spots.

Chapstick your brows, 'bows, and lids- Grab your favorite lip balm with natural moisturizers like shea butter and soothers like calendula and dab it on your flaky eyebrows, dry elbows and eyelids.

Remove eye makeup with coconut oil - Use your fingertips to massage a little bit of coconut oil onto your eyelids and lashes for about 20 seconds to remove even waterproof eye makeup. Then just wipe your eyes with a clean cloth. Your eyes will be makeup-free and moisturized, the natural way.

Turn off your bathroom fan - And shut the window to get your steamy shower fix without drying out your skin. Then crank the shower or sink as hot as it’ll go and hang out in the bathroom for five or ten minutes while you moisturize, advises dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. It’s great for hydration, but not so much for water efficiency.

Source: Self

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