Half Of Co-Sleeping Parents Lie About It

Co-sleeping is a controversial subject in parenting. The experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics specifically discourage babies sleeping with their parents because of an increased risk of SIDS. 

However, parents and little ones all over the world are still in bed with each other every night... They just might not admit it.

According to a recent study from Iowa State University, about half of the parents who choose to co-sleep lie to family, friends, and even their kids’ doctors about it. Sociology professor Susan Stewart talked with parents for the study and she says the reason they’re dishonest about it is that they don’t want to be shamed about sleeping in the same bed with their kid.

She says the parents she interviewed felt so guilty because they were putting their kids at risk. And the reason she’s written a book about her research is to “break the stigma” against co-sleeping and against mom-shaming in general.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to parenting. What works for some families doesn’t work for others. And when you’re an exhausted parent who just needs to sleep and the only way your baby sleep is next to you, you might think differently about co-sleeping. It’s not for everyone, but it shouldn’t be something we feel we have to lie about.

Source: Redbook

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