How Much House Can You Get For $300,000?

GoBankingRates researched the median property listing price in every state and the District of Columbia to uncover how much home people can get for $300,000 and while in some states you can get a mansion, others you’re lucky to get a closet. 

For example, with a $300K budget, folks in Indiana can get a huge pad, at about 3,478 square feet, spending about $86 per square foot. But if you take that same amount of money to Washington, DC forget it. Folks in our nation’s capitol will average only 603 square feet for that same amount, or about $480 per square foot.

States That Buy the Most Square Footage for $300,000


  1. Indiana: 3,478 Square Feet
  2. Mississippi: 3,402 Square Feet
  3. Arkansas: 3,390 Square Feet
  4. Ohio: 3,366 Square Feet
  5. West Virginia: 3,360 Square Feet
  6. Alabama: 3,256 Square Feet
  7. Oklahoma: 3,175 Square Feet
  8. Kansas: 3,053 Square Feet
  9. Missouri: 3,051 Square Feet
  10. Georgia: 3,020 Square Feet

States That Buy the Least Square Footage for $300,000

  1. District of Columbia: 603 Square Feet
  2. Hawaii: 625 Square Feet
  3. California: 1,066 Square Feet
  4. Massachusetts: 1,327 Square Feet
  5. Colorado: 1,471 Square Feet
  6. Oregon: 1,588 Square Feet
  7. Rhode Island: 1,634 Square Feet
  8. New York: 1,664 Square Feet
  9. Washington: 1,694 Square Feet
  10. Montana: 1,779 Square Feet

Source: GoBankingRates

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