Market Your Veggies

Researchers at the Mind & Body Lab at Stanford University discovered that people are more open to eating veggies if they are given indulgent descriptions like "rich, buttery roasted sweet corn," "dynamite chili and "twisted citrus-glazed carrots.”

The study took veggies served at a university cafeteria and gave them four different types of descriptions, basic, healthy restrictive (describing a lack of unhealthy ingredients), healthy positive (emphasizing health benefits) and indulgent. What they found was that even though the veggies were prepared and served exactly the same way, people chose the veggies with the indulgent labels 25% more than the basic descriptions, 35% more than the healthy positive label and 41% more than the least appealing healthy restrictive labels.

As for amounts, folks ate 16% more indulgently labeled veggies per day than healthy positive ones, 23% more than basically described veggies and 33% more than the healthy restrictive labels.

Source: CBS News

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