What People Impulse Buy When They’re Stressed

Everyone handles stress differently and for some, nothing beats a shopping spree to help them calm down. And science says there are actually certain products people are more likely to buy when they’re feeling out of control. You might have guessed shoes would be at the top of the list, but according to a new study, cleaning products are what we tend to buy when we’re feeling stressed.

Researchers had participants write an essay about a time they felt in control of a situation and others write about a time when they felt they had no control over something. Then they were told to go grocery shopping. And a review of their receipts showed those who wrote about feeling out of control bought twice the amount of cleaning supplies as the others.

These folks weren’t indulging in luxury items, they were buying utilitarian stuff like cleansers, tools, and stationery to feel calm. Researchers say that’s because those products have an association with problem-solving and self-control. That’s also why we might find ourselves taking out our frustration or anxiety on the dirty dishes after a bad day.

So when you need a little retail therapy and you end up buying cleaning products, at least it’s a practical purchase. And if scrubbing the floor makes you feel better, that’s a pretty healthy coping mechanism, all things considered.

Source: My Domaine

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