Tips For Getting The Kids Out The Door

We’re always looking for help streamlining our process for getting out the door faster with the kids and our sanity. Australian blogger Krechelle Carter is happy to offer up some pointers for us and she really knows what she’s talking about because she has six kids under the age of six and makes leaving the house with them seem so easy. Here’s her advice:

  • Forget the fancy diaper bag - She suggests tossing everything you’ll need into a plastic shopping bag: diapers, water, wipes, along with “Valium and love.”
  • Get their outfits ready the night before - No one has time to make decisions like this in the morning, so take care of it before bed.
  • Make breakfast easy - Carter says she feeds her kids “with no tops on, tops get dirty” when kids are eating. She feeds all six kids the same thing, because she says, “choices are not an option” when you’re in a hurry. Once the little ones eat, shirts go back on.
  • Keep shoes by the door - A pair there for everyone, so no one’s rushing around to find footwear as you’re walking out the door.
  • Make lunches the night before - Carter warns that if she has to explain this, she can’t even help us. This is basic - you have no time to do it in the morning and still be on time, so make lunches the night before.
  • Take showers the night before, too - Because nobody has time for that either.
  • Put kids in the car separately - This mom has six little ones to wrangle into carseats and she has learned that doing it one at a time while the others wait inside for her to return is better than having them all run in different directions while you’re trying to buckle.
  • Turn on the music and enjoy your coffee as you drive - This is when you get to pat yourself on the back for making it out the door on time with the kids. Congratulations, mama!

Source: Mamamia

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