Stop Doing Household Chores!

Do you ever get the nagging feeling that you should be taking care of some undone chore around the house? Most of us have and when that feeling strikes, some of us feel the urge to get up and take care of the task. But maybe we shouldn’t be.

When that happens to writer Olga Mecking, she stops to ask herself if that task really needs to be done, and if it does, whether it has to be done by her. Women sometimes feel like they have to be everything to everyone and take care of all the household jobs, even though our partners and kids can help do their share.

How many times have you stopped to pick up the dirty socks off the floor because it’s easier than asking your kid to do it, again? It feels simpler to just do the job and know it’s done. But the next time you feel one of these chores crop up and you’re wondering if you should just do it, ask yourself:

  1. Will not doing this affect our safety, health, or well-being? No? Then leave it alone.
  2. Is this task pointless? Why bother ironing the laundry if it’s just going to end up in a pile a day later?
  3. Most important: Is this my job? If not, step away from the broom/dishpan/laundry, and tell the responsible party it's theirs to deal with.

Source: Oprah

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