How To Raise Optimistic Kids

Want to raise glass half full kids? Here are some things that can help you raise optimistic children.

Champion their passions - This helps teach your kids to feel excited and hopeful about the future. Whatever your kid is into and curious about, help them pursue it and bring on the positivity.

Frequently tell them what you’re grateful for - Want your kid to show gratitude? Be a good example for them. Remind them of little things that make your day and by acknowledging the positive, it teaches them to do the same.

Cut back on the complaining - Focusing on positivity also means not venting about the negative so much in front of your kiddos.

Show them the bright side - When you do complain in front of them - because we’re not perfect and it’s gonna happen sometime - try to show them how to see the upside. So if traffic has you steaming, try saying “This traffic is really getting in the way of our day, but it’s kind of fun that we get to spend more time together in the car catching up.”

Encourage them to give back to the community - You can sign up to volunteer at a soup kitchen for the holidays or just collect and recycle trash in your neighborhood park. Whatever you do, remind your little ones that small actions have the power to make big changes.

Turn off the news - If the 24/7 news cycle can bring you down, think of what it can do to your 11-year-old. We want our kids to know about current events, but the news can be overwhelming, especially if they’re too young to understand it all. So talk about what’s going on with them instead.

Source: PureWow

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