Flight Attendants Reveal What Annoys Them

Some flight attendants are sharing the biggest issues they have with today’s flyers, and you probably won’t be surprised by many of them.

Flight attendants problems with travelers include: 

  • They bring carry-ons that don’t fit in the overhead compartment– Yes it’s true that these days planes don’t have enough room to accommodate everyone’s carry-ons in the overhead compartment, especially since more people don’t want to pay extra for checked luggage. Flight attendants say passengers who try to board early to get their bag in a bin, or bring too big a bag, is a source of constant stress. They do suggest a way of getting around paying. They note you can bring it to the gate, and when it’s obvious it won’t fit, the airline will most likely check it free of charge. 
  • They lie to get a free upgrade – Upgraded seats can cost a pretty penny so no matter what excuse you give, the flight attendant is likely to say no to your plea for an upgrade. Their biggest issues come from passengers who claim to have some sort of disability that requires them to have the bigger, more comfy, seat. They note, if you really need it, then pay for it beforehand, because no amount of a pity story is going to give you that seat. 
  • They blame flight attendants for everything – Yes, there are a lot of problems with traveling these days, but while the airline industry has issues, the flight attendants aren’t the cause of them. There’s no need to be rude to flight attendants if you’re not happy with how long it took you to get through security or to board the plane. 
  • They think flight attendants are their servants– Saying please and thank you every now and then when a flight attendant brings you a coke or a snack would be nice. Plu,s there’s no need to belittle them if they run out of that drink you want. And they aren’t there to pick up after you so stop throwing your garbage on the floor expecting them to get it.
  • They think flight attendants are airline management – Flight attendants are just as unhappy as you when there are delays so don’t blame them when they happen. Also, they don’t handle rebooking or pricing, so if you have problems with your seats they aren’t going to be the ones to ask for a refund.

Source: Thrillist 

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