Mom Struggles

Remember when we were kids and parents in their 30s seemed like real grownups? Somehow now that we’re 30-something parents ourselves it doesn’t feel as calm and controlled as they made it appear. These struggles are real, but only moms in their 30s will understand.

  • All of your favorite songs are on the oldies station - Nothing ages you faster than realizing you don’t know anyone performing at the GRAMMYs and your favorite songs are on easy listening and oldies radio.
  • Getting carded is cause for celebration - We ignore when the clerk says he has to ID everyone and cherish this moment.
  • Your favorite childhood toys are more popular than ever ... and they're terrible - My Little Ponies and Easy-Bake Ovens are still around and they’re not as cool as the ones we had growing up.
  • You have no idea where to shop for clothes - We feel like kids in stores like J.Jill, but the name Forever 21 is just a lie. Thank God for leggings!
  • Most of your social events include hyper preschoolers and goodie bags - These days going out to a party that starts at 10 means in the morning.
  • Hello, random aches and pains - Bending over and sleeping wrong can now leave us in a world of hurt.
  • You worry about pimples and wrinkles at the same time - We’ll take all the creams and serums, thanks very much.
  • You have zero bladder control - Maybe it was having kids that destroyed our bladders. Or maybe it’s all the coffee we drink because of the child-induced sleep deprivation.
  • Your kid's favorite foods might turn against you - You used to love Taco Tuesday too, but now it gives you heartburn in the middle of the night.
  • Younger moms will ask you for parenting advice - So don’t freak them out by telling them that you’re parenting by the seat of your pants, too.

Source: The Stir

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