How To Spring Clean Your Relationship

Spring is officially here, even if the weather doesn’t show it, so it’s time to freshen things up. But spring cleaning isn’t just for your closet or pantry, you can give your relationship some seasonal attention, too. Here are some tips to refresh your love life this spring.

Pick one “radical” act of forgiveness - So your sweetie leaves his towel on the bathroom floor each and every time he showers and your nagging tactics just aren’t working? Maybe try to let it go. If you and your partner always have one inconsequential fight over and over, wouldn’t you rather banish it forever?

Set boundaries around distractions - At the end of a long day, it’s easy to zone out in front of the TV or scroll through your phone mindlessly, but it’s not doing your relationship any favors. So create some parameters to guide you, like no phones in the bedroom, and try to be more present when you’re with your boo.

Stop negative comments in their tracks - Venting about the fight you had with your sister can help you deal with it and move on, but voicing every annoyance with life isn’t helpful. So before you blurt out that your bestie is annoying you, your house is too small, or your head hurts, catch yourself and say something positive about your day or better yet, your partner, instead.

Literally spring clean - Life is messy, so dedicate some time to cleaning up your living space. Messiness is scientifically proven to stress us out and we don’t need any more of that. Plus, the reward for all your hard work is coming home to a beautiful place.

Source: PureWow

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