Recover From A Bad Day At Work

Everyone has a bad day at the office every now and then and when that happens, it’s hard not to let it take over and ruin the rest of your day. So the key to bouncing back from a bad day at work is unplugging and unwinding, in whatever form works best for you. Here are a few ideas to help you rebound when a bummer day at work wipes you out.

  • Remind yourself why you do what you do - Maybe you love your job, or maybe it’s what you do to afford living in a city you love, or maybe it’s just a stepping stone to get you where you really want to be. But whatever it is, remind yourself that your job doesn’t define you and remember the big picture when you’re having one of those bad days.
  • Get up and move your body - Go for a walk, take a yoga class, or whatever you feel like doing to help shake off the negative energy of the day and get some endorphins going for that feel good feeling.
  • Work is over, so let it go for the day - Take a deep breath, shrug it off for the night and then get back into problem solving mode tomorrow.
  • Don’t let yourself be defined by the feedback - Compartmentalize work life from personal life and try not to take the feedback to heart. It doesn’t define you and it might not even be true, so try to take the concern for the business without letting it get you down personally.
  • Remember your track record and give yourself some credit - A crummy day can be overwhelming, but try to think of all the success stories in your career and let them boost your confidence when you’re feeling insecure at work.
  • Just do the best you can - It’s a simple idea, but it’s important to do your best every day, with integrity and good intention, that way it’s harder for others to shake your confidence.

Source: Elite Daily

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