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September is Self-Care Awareness Month, so it’s time to focus on taking care of ourselves. But don’t roll your eyes, self-care is much more than bubble baths and spa days, it’s doing things for yourself on a regular basis that keep your mind sharp, your body functioning and all your stuff handled. These self-care tips will help and there are no scented candles involved.

  • Speak up if something’s bothering you - Holding onto that isn’t doing you any favors. Get this: research has shown that bitterness and resentment can negatively affect your health, potentially causing anxiety, sleeplessness and even heart disease. So don’t be afraid to speak up when you’re upset.
  • Meal prep at least one week a month - Devote a chunk of time to make big-batch meals you can take for healthy lunches to help ensure you’ll have nutritious meals and save some money by not eating takeout every day. Start small and work your way up.
  • Set up a system for paying bills on time - This is Adulting 101 and if you haven’t mastered it yet, it’s time, people. Setting up auto-pay works for some, having bills sent to email instead of snail mail helps others. Find your ideal way to make it happen and stick to it.
  • Drink more water - Most of us aren’t drinking enough, even though we know better. Go fill your glass or reusable water bottle now and keep going.
  • Force yourself to go to bed on time - There’s almost always something you’d like to watch on Netflix and fall TV shows are about to return, but you need your seven to nine hours a night to be your best self. Not getting enough sleep does bad stuff to your body and brain, like raising your risk for heart disease and diabetes, slowing down your metabolism, and making your brain foggy. So make sleep a priority now.
  • Find some form of exercise you like and do it at least once a week - It could be as easy and non-athletic as taking a brisk walk or as intense as taking boxing lessons. Just find something you can get into and keep at it until the habit sticks.

Source: Hello Giggles

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