The Most (And Least) Valuable College Majors

College kids are back in school and we bet there are a lot of parents out there hoping that they aren’t wasting good money on their kids’ education. Deep down we bet a lot of moms and dads are just crossing their fingers their kid picks a major that will make it easier for them to find a job when they get out. And as you can imagine, there are definitely certain majors that have a much greater return on investment. 

Well, Bankrate just came out with their analysis of the Most and Least Valuable College Majors, judging 162 majors overall, so parents may want to listen up...and start planting some seeds in their kids’ ears. 

Topping the list as the most valuable college major is Actuarial Science, which has an unemployment rate of just 2.3%, and an average income of $108,658. What’s more, only 22% of actuarial science majors went on to get a masters or doctoral degree, which means they could get good jobs without having to go into more debt for more schooling. 

Top Five Most Valuable Majors

  1. Actuarial Science
  2. Zoology
  3. Nuclear Engineering
  4. Health & Medical Preparatory Programs
  5. Applied Mathematics

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re spending your money so your kid could get a Fine Arts degree you may as well be throwing that dough a way. Students who graduate with a Miscellaneous Fine Arts degree face a 9.1% unemployment rate, and an average income just $40,855.

Five Least Valuable College Degrees

  1. Miscellaneous Fine Arts
  2. Composition and Speech
  3. Clinical Psychology
  4. Cosmetology & Culinary Arts
  5. Visual and Performing Arts

Source: Bankrate

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