While everyone loves a vacation, when the trip you’re taking is not by choice it certainly can put a damper on things. Such obligatory vacations can be for a number of reasons, like a destination wedding, or graduation and it seems folks are going on a lot of them, and spending a lot of money. Enter the world of "oblications."

A new survey finds that one in three Americans have taken at least one oblication, meaning it was a trip they felt obligated to go on, even though they didn’t want to. Not surprising, only 46% of people say they like these trips as much as ones they plan for themselves. And these oblications don’t come cheap, with reports suggesting about $197 billion a year is spent on trips people feel obligated to take.

So, how do you get out of these oblications, without people getting mad at you? Well, experts tell "Moneyish" that there are some steps you can take. They include:

  • First off, they note that it’s pretty impossible to decline a “landmark oblication” like say your dad’s 90th birthday, or a sister’s destination wedding, but if your dad throws a party every year, or your sister’s getting married for the fifth time it may be okay to skip. If a shower is for a distant or non-close relative, that’s fine too.
  • Experts add that it’s better not to say no right away, rather say you’ll think about it, since it would be nicer to turn down the invite later, than to say you’re coming and then cancel at the last minute.
  • If you do have to decline, be firm about your decision. Thank the person for the invitation and then give them an explanation for why you won’t attend, but don’t be too elaborate with your excuse. If they seem upset, don’t back down. Stick to your guns but do it as politely as possible. 

Source: Moneyish

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