How To Wake Up Early Enough To Workout

Sorry sleepyheads, but research has shown that people who work out early in the morning are more likely to make exercise a habit. And we know this is true because when we’re tired at the end of the day, it’s way easier to pick Netflix over a jog. But getting up early is hard, so if you need some help, these hacks may get you out the door early enough to workout and still make it to work by nine.

  • Get a workout buddy - Make a pact with someone who shares your goals and will hold you accountable and make you stick to getting up early for a sweat sesh.
  • Set two alarms - Do what it takes if you’re truly not a morning person.
  • Get ready the night before - Lay out your workout clothes, fill up your water bottle, get everything set for coffee, and stick your shoes and socks next to the bed the night before so you’ve got that much less to overcome when you wake up still groggy.
  • Sign up for a non-refundable class - If you hate wasting money, signing up for a 7am class will force you out of bed.
  • Reward your wins - Treat yourself when you’ve met your wake-up-and-work-out goals.
  • Get a wake-up light - Amazon sells a wake-up light alarm clockthat simulates sunlight to get you going in the early hours.
  • Pop some peppermint - This essential oil is a stimulant and the scent can help your body and brain start to wake up.
  • Make it fun - Make a playlist or pick out a podcast so you’re looking forward to it for your pre-work workout.

Source: Bustle

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