End A Fight With Your Partner Faster

We’ve all had one of those arguments that start over something small, like your partner forgetting to take out the trash, and then somehow it spirals into a huge fight and you’re questioning the future of your relationship. Suddenly, you’re both giving each other the silent treatment and feel like you might never recover as a couple. Well, new research has found something that could help simmer down a dispute with your S.O. in a hurry and it’s oh so easy: a hug.

Yes, according to a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University, the simple act of hugging can calm us down after a fight or a stressful situation. Researchers found “consensual hugs and interpersonal touch” are really good at helping us relax and cool off after conflict. The study shows those who snuggled on the same day as a dispute didn’t have their positive emotions affected as much by the disagreement and the negative feelings it brought on were less intense in both men and women.

So what’s so magical about a hug? It has to do with our bodies producing more of the mood-boosting neurotransmitter serotonin and less of the stress hormone cortisol when we experience physical touch. Our heart rate and blood pressure also go down and our brain waves switch to relaxation mode, so we feel much more calm and satisfied with our S.O. after hugging, too. Of course, we’re not always up for a snuggle in the heat of the argument, but if you can hug it out, it could help.

Source: Women's Health

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