Office Christmas Party Regrets

One in three office workers has done something they regret at a holiday party – according to new research.

A study profiling the typical office holiday party found drama and gossip are never far from the festive celebrations – two in five have experienced some big office drama or seen juicy revelations emerge at the office holiday party.

For those selecting their Secret Santa gifts or preparing for the annual festive celebrations at work, the results may be worth paying attention to as the average office worker will experience a lot at their holiday party this year.

According to the study of 2,000 office workers, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Evite, the average person will find out seven pieces of gossip about colleagues they didn’t previously know when attending a holiday party.

And there will be photographic evidence – workers will typically have to pose or take part in six different group photos on average.

Those mistletoe moments aren’t just limited to the screen. Offices will always spur romance rumors – and 37 percent of those studied have witnessed an office hookup at a holiday party in the past.

All the same, results found 75 percent eagerly look forward to their office holiday party this year.

In fact, the biggest thing office workers are looking forward to when it comes to their office holiday party is socializing with their coworkers (60 percent).

So much goes down at an office holiday party that timing makes all the difference. Based on the research, Friday night is officially the best time to have an office holiday party.

However, when the boss decides to have an office holiday party during the week, making office workers show up to work the next day, 55 percent agree that bosses should let them come in later the next day.

In fact, 35 percent have shown up late to the office the day following their office holiday party – with another 17 percent not even bothering to show up at all.


Top five things to look forward to at an office holiday party

  • Socializing with coworkers: 60 percent
  • Eating delicious food: 54 percent
  • Drinking free booze: 44 percent
  • Getting the office gossip: 29 percent
  • Mingling with the boss: 25 percent


Top five reasons for showing up late to work after a holiday office party

  • Hung-over: 53 percent
  • Slept through alarm: 42 percent
  • Massive headache: 38 percent
  • Forgot to put alarm on: 31 percent
  • Commuting delays: 27 percent


Top five experiences at an office holiday party

  • A Christmas meal: 60 percent
  • Someone drinks too much/is sick etc: 57 percent
  • Some office drama/secrets emerge: 41 percent
  • Long speech from the boss: 40 percent
  • A kiss between two colleagues: 37 percent


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