How Social Media Can Help Your Relationship

Social media gets blamed for complicating some romantic relationships and bringing out our jealous and insecure sides and some of that is deserved. Seeing your recent ex pop up in some other girl’s Instastory doesn’t really boost your self-confidence, for example. But relationship therapist Brian Jory feels like social media has become the scapegoat for lots of our problems and he says we could be using it as a positive influence on our relationships instead. Here’s how he says social media can actually help couples make their bond stronger.

  • It can help you feel more secure, especially in the beginning - Sure, the define the relationship talk helps you know you’re on the same page as your new partner, but posting a picture of you two together lets everyone else see that you’re a couple now and that can be reassuring.
  • It makes it easy to show appreciation for your S.O. - A social media post is an easy way to share that you’re proud of your partner for what they’ve done or to acknowledge your partner for something positive, just make sure you’re not oversharing or getting into intimate details.
  • Celebrating milestones publicly can help build intimacy - Using social media as a scrapbook of your relationship and celebrating milestones like your first trip as a couple or your one-year anniversary on it can help you feel closer to your partner. Plus, sharing those firsts online can help your friends and family get to know your new sweetie better.
  • It helps you stay connected with busy schedules - Every time you send your S.O. an Instagram DM of a funny meme that reminds you of them, you’re strengthening your bond and boosting your connection, even while you’re apart.
  • It can be a shared experience - Couples in successful long term relationships share common interests, things where the focus isn’t on each other, but on this other thing, goal, or outside person. Posting a photo on social media of your baby or your pet can be a shared parenting experience and actually bring you and your partner closer.

Source: Shape

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