Porch Prom Brings Fun to Texas Teen

Students Participate In Their School's Final Year Prom Dance

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak Highland High School in Texas called off the prom, which had been scheduled for March 28. Determined to make the night special for senior student Grayson, the Chapman family from Sweetwater hosted a “prom on the porch” party that evening.

“Grayson thought it sounded a little cheesy at first. But she was so excited to get to be able to dress up after all and go to her last ‘prom,’” Jaci Chapman, Grayson’s mom, said. “Once we started getting the porch decorated and cranked up the music, she really started getting into the spirit of it!”

In order to stay safe and respect social distancing guidelines, onley seven people attended the event. The whole prom consisted of Grayson, her older sister who's home from college, her younger brother, her parents, and her uncle and young cousin, who was named prom king.

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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