Laundry Debate Is Raging

We all have to do laundry. And we all have different techniques for separating, folding, AND how often some items get washed.

A recent post on the Organize My Home UK Facebook page reveals the washing recommendations from a company called Which? and it’s left folks pretty perplexed.

Among the recommendations

  • Underwear, workout gear and swimsuits, after one use.
  • T-shirts, one to two wears
  • Dresses, one to three.
  • Bras,after two to three wearing
  • Sweatshirts can be worn five to six times
  • Skirts five to seven and jeans six to ten. 

But the one recommendation has us confused and ashamed. Pajamas can be worn three to four times before they need to be washed. The Internet is not down with that at all, with most insisting they need to be washed after only one use.

  • “PJs fresh set every night!,” one person commented, while another added, “Pjs are like underwear, why would you not wash them every day?”
  • And while one mom says she washes everything everyday due to the pandemic, another thinks folks shouldn’t be doing so much laundry to save water.

Photo: Getty Images North America

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