Amazon Driver Delivers Life Saving Help

83 year-old Senior U.S. Federal District Judge James Nowlin was alone at his ranch in Texas when he slipped and fell, fracturing his femur. He was unable to get up and thought he might actually die there, but an unexpected hero saved him - Amazon driver Elisha Infante.

He had taken the trash out to the road thinking it would be a quick errand, wearing only a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Nowlin was panicking as the snow was falling and he still couldn’t get up after an hour, but that’s when Infante happened to drive down the country road.

Infante called 911 and waited with the judge after wrapping him in her Amazon coat and trying to keep him warm. Nowlin is now recovering from surgery and he wanted to repay the driver he calls “an angel and a saint” for saving him. He learned she was saving for a car and had taken the bus to work for seven years, so he bought her a brand new Buick.

Photo: Getty Images North America

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