Foods Can Affect Our Mood

A new survey shows for many of us, what we eat can depend on our moods, while eating certain foods can have a big effect for our moods.

The survey finds:

  • 65% of people say what they eat will depend on their mood.
  • Another 65% say note that the mood they're in can affect what they wind up eating.
  • For example, there are certain foods people reach for when they are having a bad day vs. a good day.
  • The top go-to food people reach for when having a bad day inlclude:
    •  Chocolate (46%)
    • Fast food (36%)
    • Candy (36%)
    • Chips (35%)
    • Fresh vegetables (30%)
    • Fried food (30%)
  • Interestingly, chocolate is also the go-to food for people having a good day, with 41% picking it.
  • That's followed by:
    • Fresh vegetables (39%)
    • Fresh fruit (39%)
    • Candy (36%)
    • Fast food (30%)
    • Fried food (29%)
    • Pizza (28%)
  • And for some people, there are certain foods that will always put the in a good mood when eating them, with the top choices being:
    • Tacos (33%)
    • Bacon and eggs (32%)
    • A nice juicy steak (32%) 

PhotoCredit: Getty Images

Source:SWNS Digital

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