Pregnant Mom Rescues Drowning Kids From Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Pier with Afternoon Sunlight in Chicago

Alyssa Dewitt was on the beach at Lake Michigan with her kids when she noticed three children waving their arms and struggling in the rip currents that were pulling them deeper into the water. So she took off running down the First Street Beach Pier in Manistee, Michigan, to try to reach them.

After calling 911 and yelling for police to hurry, Dewitt realized she couldn’t wait on them and started the rescue herself. She laid down on the pier and reached over the wall to grab the kids, but it wasn’t easy. Waves were pounding them and the children were terrified. One little girl told her, “I’m going to die,” but Dewitt assured her, “I promise you, I’m not going to let you die out here.”

Eventually, she pulled all three kids out of the water and police arrived afterwards and took over. Dewitt went to the hospital to get checked out and both she and the baby are doing fine.

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