Premature Baby Credited With Saving Dad's Life

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A dad in California credits his newborn daughter with saving his life after she was born a month early, which put him in the right place at the right time. Jonathan Cedillo didn’t realize the shooting pain in his shoulder was a heart attack symptom, he’s a professional wrestler and assumed it was related to a training injury he’d gotten months earlier.

But when the new father went to the Riverside Community Hospital to bring his newborn, Juliette, and his fiancée, Vanessa Sandoval, home, he started having “terrible pain” in his chest. Cedillo lost consciousness and medical staff treating the baby and mom immediately recognized what was happening and rushed him to the ER. Lab work showed he suffered a heart attack and had a 100% blockage in an artery, which they cleared and then put in a stent.

The hospital says if Cedillo hadn’t been there when it happened, he “would have had permanent heart damage or worse.” And this dad is forever grateful to his daughter for putting him there. “Juliette saved me, and I will be her sentinel and guardian as long as I can,” he says. “She was born a month early and was like, ‘I’ve got to get out of here so I can save my daddy.’”

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