Scam Leads To Love With Real Man In Fake Profile

Sending I love you text message with mobile phone. Online dating, texting or catfishing concept. Romance fraud, scam or deceit with smartphone. Man writing comment.

Photo: Getty Images

A Florida woman was smart enough to realize something was off when an Internet love interest started asking her for money, but she had no idea his fake profile would lead to real love – with a real person!. It all started when Nicole Hayden got an Instagram message from a man named “Marcus” and soon after they started chatting, he was declaring his undying love for her.

It got hot and heavy really quickly, Nicole recalls, “I think he even told me loved me after a day.” And then came the huge red flag when “Marcus” said his mom was in the hospital and he needed $6-thousand for her surgery.

At that point, Nicole knew she was being scammed and refused to send him money.

The surprise twist in the story came when she got a “suggested friend request” on Facebook for a man named Alessandro with the same profile photo used by Marcus. Turns out, on Alessandro’s profile, he was warning people about his pictures being stolen. Nicole sent him a message and since they both live in South Florida, and they decided to meet up. It started as a friendship and a mission to educate women about Internet scams, but before too long, they were falling for each other. Now Alessandro and Nicole are a happy couple, all thanks to the fake profile that brought them together.

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