Mass Pharmacist Helping With Baby Formula Shortage

Baby Milk Formula and Baby Bottles

Photo: Getty Images

A Massachusetts pharmacy is collecting and distributing baby formula for families in need. Abram Agayby, owner of County Square Pharmacy in Attleboro, prides himself on serving his community as the only independent pharmacy in the area. So when he started getting lots of calls from desperate parents looking for infant formula, he wanted to do something to help.

He tried getting formula from his vendors, but wasn’t having any luck. If he saw some while out shopping, he would pick it up in case one of his patients needed it. A new parent himself, Agayby’s daughter recently went off formula and he figured other parents might be in a similar position and have formula they didn’t need. So he posted on Facebook asking for donations that he could give to anyone who needed it.

Agayby says the formula is for anyone who needs it, first come, first serve. “You don’t have to be a customer here, a patient here, you just have to have a child that needs formula,” he says. He doesn’t want anything in return for the formula he’s giving out, but he hopes that people see what he’s doing and realize that independent pharmacies like his are really part of the community. And maybe they’ll support their local independent pharmacy. “It’s not a big ask,” he says.

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