Firefighters Dive Into Mass River, Find Lost Diamond Ring

Diamond ring on a reflective surface

Photo: Getty Images

Massachusetts firefighters dive in a river to recover a lost diamond ring for a visiting couple. On July 3rd, members of the Cambridge Massachusetts Fire Department Dive Team and Marine Unit were patrolling the Charles River near Boston. The team became aware that a woman had just lost her diamond ring in the river nearby.

Since the woman was pretty sure she knew where the ring had fallen into the river, the team decided to try and help the couple recover it. Firefighters Jeremy Marrache and Eric Moore prepared for the dive and within five minutes of getting in the water found the ring and returned it to the grateful couple.

The next day, the couple reached out to the Cambridge Fire Department to thank them for recovering the ring. The department later posted on Facebook praising the team for their successful operation. “Thank you to all the members involved for showing the truly caring, competent, and professional nature of the department,” the post read.

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