Montana Dad Performs Daring Car Rescue

Car stuck in Rural flooding

Photo: Getty Images

A father in Montana saves three teens after their car plunges into an irrigation ditch. Last week, Travis Salter was watching his son play in a high school football game in Billings. His son had just scored a touchdown when Salter noticed a car drive down the dirt road next to the field. Seconds later, he heard an awful sound as the car missed a turn in the road and plunged into an irrigation ditch.

"It was a loud and scary sound when that car hit the water,” Salter recalls. “It caught the attention of everyone on the field." Salter started sprinting toward the ditch and didn’t hesitate to jump into the water. "I didn't know who was in the car, I didn't know how many people were in the car,” he says. “My main focus was to get them out by any means necessary.”

As the car quickly sank, filling up with water, Salter tried to open the doors. When they wouldn’t budge, he broke the window with his bare hand. “I just remember the girls, the looks on their face. They were screaming as the window broke. I mean they couldn’t get out of there fast enough,” the hero says. "I was just happy it ended the way that it did and that the parents were able to give their daughters hugs at the end of the night and know that they are at home with them."

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