Blind Street Vendor Gets Help From Instagram Star

Blind man wearing dark glasses and holding a cane

Photo: Getty Images

A blind street vendor in Arizona gets his dream job as a car salesman. For almost a decade, Sebastian Ibanez has been supporting his family selling mops and brooms on the streets of Mesa, Arizona. Over the years, he’s faced lots of adversity, discrimination and setbacks like his wife’s current battle with cancer, but then last week, things started to look up for him. Social media personality Jimmy Darts posted a video of him talking to Ibanez and set up a GoFundMe to help turn the hard worker’s fortunes around.

Within a day after Jimmy Darts introduced Ibanez to his 1.2-million followers on Instagram, he’d already raised over $100-thousand for the likable street vendor. In a followup post, he tells Ibanez the good news about the money raised to help him. But it gets better. In that video, Ibanez gets an offer for his dream job, selling cars.

Tim Brown, fourth-generation owner of local car dealer Brown Brothers Automotive, saw the post about Ibanez and was immediately convinced that he’d make a great car salesman and offered him a job at his lot. “Why wouldn’t I hire him? No question,” Brown says after a friend showed him the video. The car dealer says that Ibanez has the best trait for a good salesman: being a good person with a great attitude. Ibanez started his new job this week and he’s already got a customer who wants to work with him to buy multiple cars.

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