Angry Granny School Bus Driver Quits After Viral Tirade

Scolded the old woman

Photo: Getty Images

A school bus driver in Ohio has gone viral after going off on the kids who were driving her crazy – and she’s getting a lot of support. Cellphone footage of the incident shows Jackie Miller shouting at the kids about wearing perfume, even though they know she has asthma. Miller then goes off on an expletive-laced rant that involves shoving her foot so far up their collective you-know-what, that it “would dangle out their nose.”

Miller abruptly retired from the bus driving business after the incident and though some people are outraged at her behavior, many are giving her their support. Fellow Ohio resident, Jeff Grob, has started a GoFundMe page for Miller "to help her pay for some time off and for all the years of loyal dedicated service." The “Team Bus Driver” page now has more than $120,000 as of yesterday. As for Jackie’s thoughts about the money, she tells WBNS in an interview, "I'm nobody. I'm just a little old granny bus driver, and these people doing this for me is amazing.”

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