WATCH: Woman Hits Half Court Shot, Wins Beer For A Year

Beer bottles

Photo: Getty Images

On Saturday, June 10th, during an Edmonton Stingers Canadian pro basketball game, fan Blyss Ward won a year's supply of beer by sinking a basket from half-court. Ward, who used to play college basketball before an injury sidelined her career, described it as an "out-of-body experience" that left her wondering if she was dreaming.

The half-court shot contest, a collaboration between the Stingers and Polar Park Brewing, takes place during every home game. Reed Clarke, president and CEO of the Edmonton Stingers, praised Ward, saying her shot got the attention of the players and is now helping to fuel excitement for the team online. “It shows the environment we are building at the Edmonton Stingers,” Clarke says, “That’s what we’re all about, enhancing the fan experience.”

Ward's prize is 365 tallboys of Polar Park’s Champion Pilsner, delivered quarterly, and has a $1-thousand wholesale value. Polar Park Brewery’s founder, Robert Oeming, was surprised and delighted at the result and says they’re eager for the next winner. Ward plans to share her beer windfall with family and friends, with the first round due to be delivered this week.

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