Man Arrested For Hurling Skittles In Diner

Colorful skittles candies

Photo: Getty Images

Minnesota man was arrested last week for a bizarre confectionery crime. 19-year-old Tristan Stetina is accused of walking into a restaurant in Mankato, Minnesota and inexplicably throwing Skittles at customers and employees. A woman, who is identified as a "victim" in court papers told police she was struck in the back by a Skittle and it caused "a stinging pain." People in the restaurant called the police and gave a description of the candy thrower which included a heart tattoo under his eye. Based on the description, cops knew exactly who the assailant was because Stetina had been arrested twice on drug charges in the past few months.

Police eventually located Stetina at a nearby business and needed three officers to subdue him when he resisted arrest. He's charged with misdemeanor assault for throwing the Skittles and also disorderly conduct and resisting police.

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