Australian Sailor And Dog Survive Two Months At Sea On Only Rainwater


Photo: Ary6 / E+ / Getty Images

Australian sailor Tim Shaddock and his faithful dog Bella set sail from Mexico heading en route to French Polynesia in April, but one month into their excursion, their catamaran was severely damaged by a storm. With no way to call for help, the pair found themselves adrift in the Pacific Ocean, living off rainwater and raw fish, taking shelter under a makeshift canopy.

Then last Thursday, two months after their difficulties began, a helicopter out scouting for tuna for a fishing vessel spotted the 51-year-old sailor and his pup, leading to their rescue. Shaddock was reported to be in stable condition with “normal vital signs." In a video, the Sydney man admits, "I've been through a very difficult ordeal at sea and I'm just needing rest and good food."

Ocean survival expert, Professor Mike Tipton, credits Shaddock’s survival to a mix of luck and skill. "He was in a warm environment so didn't need to worry about hypothermia,” Tipton says, “He did the correct thing of minimizing activity in the hottest part of the day to reduce sweating." Shaddock and Bella are now on their way back to Mexico where he will undergo medical treatment.

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