Live Frog Found In Bag Of Spinach

frog eating a fly

Photo: Antagain / E+ / Getty Images

A Michigan family nearly croaked when they found a live frog in the bagged spinach they bought from the supermarket.

Amber Worrick says she got home with a package of Earthbound Farms Organic Spinach, and her daughter opened it up and screamed when she saw the hopping hitchhiker inside. Amber was relieved that the frog didn't become a meal and said "Just thank God I didn't eat the frog." She planned to return the spinach with the frog, but the frog hopped out of the bag and she just decided to let it go free. However, she did bring the package back to the store and received a full refund. Taylor Farms, which is Earthbound Farms' parent company, says it is investigating how it happened so that it never happens again.

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