90-Year-Old Passes Away After Visiting His COVID-Stricken Wife in Hosptial

Such a heartbreaking story coming out of Florida where a 90-year-old man has passed away from COVID-19 just weeks after he risked exposure to the virus to visit his dying wife who was suffering from the virus.

Sam Reck's wife JoAnn passed away just a few weeks earlier at the age of 86. Sam had been bared from seeing his wife due to government orders about visitations at nursing homes like one that JoAnn lived in. Sam and JoAnn would arrange safe visits like JoAnn visiting a garden below Sam's second floor apartment where the two would talk.

The story highlights what so many couples and families are experiencing with the pandemic, being unable to visit and check up on their loved ones. Families unable to console their loved ones in their final hours on ventilators.

Sam told family members he had no regrets about his decision to visit his wife to say goodbye and hold her hand one last time.

Photo: Getty Images

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