"Your Not Gonna Say My Son Has Flaws" - Mother Interrupts Her Son's Vows

Yikes! It sounds like there's a whole lot to unpack here with this new family. A 1 minute video was posted to TikTok by @srags13 showing the trainwreck that was started by one person.

I feel like if you've gone so far as getting to the altar, you'd have a good idea of who your new family will be. The bride looks like she has been dealing with her now mother-in-law's attitude for a while now and is not taking any more.

Just how does the groom not shut down their Mom in this moment? Even he doesn't seem to want to deal with her, he can barely even look at her! This is not her day to feel special in any way, that's reserved for the bride and groom. Just look at what she wore to her son's wedding, looks like she's headed to Red Lobster after and didn't want her 'nice clothes' ruined.

Photo: Getty Images

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