Photo of "Trucker Amy Schumer" Confuses the Hell Out of Twitter

There is so much to unpack from a photo posted by a truck stop in Celina, Tennessee. Celina 52 Truck Stop posted a photo of a trucker named Amelia redeeming points for a fridge, but internet investigations can't get enough of everything else going on in the photo.

Immediately, you need to do a double take and realize that's not Amy Schumer, just a very accurate clone. What's that, a tear drop tattoo? Who has Trucker Amy Schumer killed?

Then the truck stop clarified why she sports the tattoo. Apparently Amelia got the tattoo in honor of the pedestrian she accidentally killed after falling asleep at the wheel. WOW.

Moving on to the next 'WTF" moment in this picture, the sign at top of the photo that reads "Stop Pooping in Our Parking Lot." Much happen a lot!

And last but certainly not least, the shirt. Well, that says it all. I can't get enough of this.

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